Pear Dr. Kirk

We are delighted to welcome back Class of 2010 graduate Alena (Pear) Piamkulawanich to Shrewsbury International School. Pear has been appointed as Alumni Administrator, a newly-created position that will focus on increasing the profile and reach of the school’s Alumni Association.

Having gained a degree in Psychology at University of Warwick, Pear was a very popular and prominent member of the student community here at Shrewsbury, organizing several charity events as well as the Leavers’ Ball. Her event management skills have already been put to good use in her new role, where she helped to organize the very first and successful Bangkok City Drinks event for our alumni.

“It’s really great to be working alongside some of my former teachers,” she says, “and I’ve already bumped into a lot of Year 12 and 13 students who recognize me. It feels a bit like coming home really”.

On her new role, Pear explains; “Alumni like myself have very happy memories of their time in Shrewsbury, and want to stay in touch with the people that made their time here so special. SISBAA gives them a means of continuing that relationship with the school community, past and present. I’m also looking at new opportunities and different ways to support our Alumni after they have graduated. It’s a really exciting time for SISBAA and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”