Infinite Paper Lab

In the digital age, using laptops or “notebooks,” to transcribe lectures has become common practice. However, we believe that pen and paper are important. Using pen and paper to take notes boosts memory and the ability to retain and understand concepts. This doesn’t happen when you do it digitally. Therefore, we provide planners and notebooks that could be a sketchbook, a journal, a time management tool and a diary to store all of your thoughts in one place. Infinite Paper Lab also aims to encourage the use of eco-friendly personal planner and notebook as a way of enhancing punctuality and corporate social responsibility through the use of soy ink and FSC-certified green oncean papers, we ensure that carbon and ecological footprints are minimized.


  • 10% discount for alumni only available through online purchase.

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  • Contact for more details.

W Boutique

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W Boutique is a company selling online clothes/fashion apparel, available on instagram and facebook. It consists of luxury wear and also essential pieces for everyday work.

For more information and to view the collection, please go to W Boutique on facebook and W.Boutique_ on instagram or contact


  • 10% off products of W Boutique.

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid from now until 31/12/2017
  • Only valid on full priced products
  • Cannot be used on top of other discounts
  • 1 card per order


Mercer Clutch

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Mercer Clutch was established and designed in New York City where I am currently studying in Design Management. Mercer is the name of a famous shopping street in Soho, Manhattan. The street is full of stylish brands, stores, cafes and restaurants where I see confident and face-paced working women everyday. The inspiration came from the agility, efficiency and attractiveness of these business women. The cores of all Mercer Clutch are quality, practical, attractive and affordable. All clutches can be adjusted to either a clutch or a side bag to serve all occasions at anytime of the day.

For more information please see: Email: Line: mercer_clutch Instagram: mercer_clutch Facebook : Mercer Clutch


  • 15% off every item

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  • No return
  • No refund
  • In some cases, hardwares are replaced free of charge



Belle-Silver is a brand we developed to sell the highest quality sterling silver (92.5) jewellery out there! We design and manufacture all of the jewellery you see on our store. We take pride in the fine quality of our jewellery. All of our jewellery is hand set with cubic zirconia and synthetic stones. Interestingly, we also manufacture all of our stones that are used in our jewellery. This means we control all aspects of jewellery making, and therefore ensuring that our customers get only the best!

Check out more details on the website:


  • Flat 20% off on first purchase. Promo code: SHB09

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Grand Esta Clinic


Grand Esta is an aesthetic and plastic surgery institution which offers a complete range of services from treatments, facial design, and anti-aging to cosmetic surgery. Our doctors are highly experienced with a wide variety of skills. We focus on serving our valued customers with the technology and facility to meet with customer’s need. We provide customers with the highest standard of services by our skilled doctors.


  • Special Privileges for SISBAA: Up to 15% discount on any Facial Treatments from regular price such as masks, vitamin cocktails, hair removal and cell therapy. For more information please contact or call 02-714-4111. website:

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid from now until December 31st 2017
  • Reservation must be made in advance. Please call 02-714-4111
  • The privilege is subject to regular priced services only.
  • The privilege cannot be combined with existing promotions.
  • SISBAA membership card must be presented.


Face Plus by Yamano

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Face Plus by Yamano is a facial treatment massage salon originated in Japan with over 3,000 outlets. Face Plus can now be found in Singapore, malaysia and Thailand. Face plus by yamano specialises in facial massage which uses high quality products from Yamano. Yamano is a beauty conglomerate in japan with over 80 years of history. First founded by Aiko Yamano in 1923, the company grew into all sectors of the Japanese beauty industry ranging from beauty school & university, salons, healthcare, supplements and manufacturing of beauty related products.


  • 15% discount on Visitor Price.
  • Applying for shop membership on first trial visit, client receives 1 free option treatment.
  • Please visit

Terms & Conditions

  • Please book at least 1 day in advance, we cannot guarantee service for walk in customers.
  • Discount applies only for visitor price.
  • Valid from now until further notice.



Based on ancient Eastern traditions of natural remedies for the betterment of the body,mind and soul, PANPURI has set forth to change the way we look at skincare, personal care and well-being. As a modern day lifestyle brand with an Eastern philosophy, offering high-quality skincare, personal care and home ambiance products as well as services, PANPURI combines a wide range of traditional plants, roots and flowers that have been used in the East for centuries with a modern well-being approach.

Utilizing only the finest natural and organic ingredients to create a luxurious range of products as well as services-through PANPURI Organic Spa, the brand focuses on purveying a unique sensorial experience that connects each guest’s five senses.


1. PANPURI Products

  • 10% off on PANPURI products at Gaysorn Shopping Centre, Central World, Jungceylon, Samui Airport, Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre and Central Festival Pattaya counters.

2. PANPURI Organic Spa

  • 10% off on a la carte treatments from Monday to Friday at PANPURI Organic Spa in Gaysorn Shopping Centre and Eastern Oriental Hotel Penang,Malaysia.

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid from 1st October 2016 until 31st December 2017.
  • SISBAA Membership Cards must be presented to receive privileges.
  • All discounts are not valid with use of other loyalty cards; discount cards, promotions or offers, unless otherwise specified.
  • This PANPURI Organic Spa promotion is subject to availability and advanced booking is reqired.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel or change the terms and conditions without period notice.



“Ojas” is a Sanskrit word, which literally means “the essence of immunity and well-being”. It is formed as an end-result of all metabolic activities, and according to the ancient medical literature of Ayurveda, it is present as a few drops in the area of the heart chakra. In the same way the cerebrospinal fluid is responsible for intelligence, ojas is an elixir our body manufactures, which is responsible for our health at the end of the day. Its presence is radiated through glowing skin, sparkle in the eyes, good immunity and a radiant aura. Ojas in every individual can be increased with a pure and wholesome lifestyle, diet, herbs, positive thoughts and emotions. Conversely, pollution, toxins, stress and negative thoughts decrease our ojas.

By delving into a 5,000 year old medical tradition of the past, Ojas® the brand has rediscovered the importance of our individual ojas, our elixir of well-being. The healing modalities of Ayurveda are being validated by modern science today. It is only a matter of time before modern science confirms the presence of ojas in us. In the meantime, this ancient knowledge from the past has enabled Ojas® to take a giant leap forward in terms of enhancing your beauty, health and well-being. Ojas® will optimize the ojas in each individual with the power of purity, inherent in its entire range of products.

Ojas® is an eco- friendly brand with careful attention given from ingredients used to the packaging of its products – all intended to benefit health as well as Mother Earth.

100% Chemical Free is the basic essence of all Ojas® products. No preservatives, No artificial coloring and No artificial scents or fragrances added to any of its products at any stage of its production process making it completely safe for all including children.

100% Cold Pressed Oils are used as base oil in formulation of all the aromatherapy oils. Cold compress is a natural manufacturing process of extracting oil without involving synthetic chemicals or heat above 140 degrees, thereby, retaining the beneficial fatty acids and other nutrients of oil in its most natural form.

Ancient Ayurvedic Formulated Oils uses naturally extracted oils from fresh locally grown coconut fruit. Thai medicinal herbs are blended on low heat for days (to fully extract the medicinal properties) using special solid brass pan to avoid any accumulation or release of chemical from the utensil when heated for long duration.

100% Pure Essential Oils, with their healing potential intact, are used in all our products. In some products, essential oils are used primarily to add an invigorating aroma to the products (no artificial scents or synthetic fragrant used), although the added health benefits can’t be denied. Some essential oils are rare and unavailable in Thailand; in such case these are imported from the source country. Quality has not been compromised with any close substitutes.

100% Non Toxic and Reusable packaging materials are used such as glass bottles, wooden lids made from plantation Siam Rosewood and creatively designed, handmade bags made from 100% natural fibre. We have consciously avoided frivolous packaging gimmicks, our humble way of protecting and conserving the environment.


  • 10% discount for SISBAA Membership Card Holders

Terms & Conditions

The Modern Thai Art Gallery


Since 1987, The Modern Thai Art Gallery has delivered top quality artwork for international clientele. We specialize in original art (still lifes, Bhuddism inspired), abstracts and custom made-to-order portraits or reproductions.

Renowned “Artist in residence” produce some of our paintings accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Our stock also includes a vast selection of decorative pieces ideal for your home or personal collection.

In-house Potrait Artists gladly welcome requests for individual, family, pets, and other paintings.

See and for more details


  • Enjoy a 20% discount for all in-Gallery or custom-order paintings.

Terms & Conditions

  • Privilege is valid from now until further notice.
  • SISBAA Membership Card is required upon check-in.
  • The special price cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion program.
  • The 20% discount will be calculated from the in-Gallery pricing chart. For example, a one-face potrait custom order, before discount begins at THB 6,000.\


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