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Alumni City Drinks 2018

On Fri 5 th January, 2018 with everybody fresh from their Christmas and New Year vacation, there was a nice gathering at the Marble Bar on the 27th Floor of the 137 Pillars Suites and Hotel in Sukhumvit 39 owned by one our beloved alumni Natty SHB10 and Cherry SHB12. Thank you to Natty for helping this wonderful event to occur at her hotel with a spectacular view of the city especially at night. There was a nice turnout of over 100 people including Alumni, Teachers, and Old Salopians from our sister school in the UK. We now look forward to the London Alumni Event in February and the SISBAA Reunion in June along with the much anticipated Alumni Sports Tournaments including Football, Basketball and Volleyball.








Alumni Music Scholars Concert 2016

Alumni Music Scholars Concert 2016 e-blast SISBAA presents the Alumni Music Scholars Concert on Monday 6th June.

Where: Recital Hall at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

When: 6:00pm

Please come join us to see six conservatoire-trained alumni return to Shrewsbury for an evening of exquisite music.

Brenda goes to 10 Downing Street

BrendaBrenda meets David Cameron to discuss EU referendum

Brenda Wong (Class of 2011) went to study Law at Warwick University in the UK after graduating from Shrewsbury. She now works for a company called Voxburner as External Communications Manager. Brenda represented Voxburner in a collaborative meeting with No. 10 Downing Street to encourage young people to vote. Read on for Brenda’s reflections on the afternoon:

It is surreal to see something you’re involved with receive so much press. I got to the office this morning and turned on my feed to jokey headlines reading “David Cameron is on Tinder… and you’ll never guess why”, or “David Cameron’s on Tinder and he wants to be matched with the EU”. Perhaps that’s what we need for the Brexit debate: a dash of levity.

Because there’s a reason why our Prime Minister is seeking the help of Facebook, Twitter, Google and other tech giants for the upcoming EU vote. In fact, there are seven million reasons.

Seven million unregistered voters. That’s where the numbers stood as Simon and I walked through the heavy doors into the meeting room. Here are a few more scary numbers: only 21% of 18-24-year-olds are “very interested”¹ in the EU debate, only 43% of 18-24 year-olds voted in the General Election² and up to four million young people in this demographic are still not on the electoral register³.

This is why the government is taking action. Selected delegates from the aforementioned tech giants were invited to a meeting at Downing Street to tackle this issue, especially as the 7th June voter registration deadline looms before us. It was an incredible sight, watching Tinder, LadBible, Uber and Deliveroo all provide their amazing knowledge and services to further a cause bigger than themselves: democracy.

Whether you’re backing a Brexit, or aiming to Remain, your opinions do not matter if you’re not registered to vote. As a 23-year-old young voter myself, the numbers unfolding in front of my eyes were alarming.

Here are three things we gathered from the meeting:

1. It only takes 2 minutes to register to vote, but many young people are currently unaware they need to do so

The Debrief timed it – it really does only take 2 minutes. The  biggest issue garnered from the meeting was that young people don’t realise they need to register before the 7th of June to be allowed to vote on the 23rd. Two hiccups Voxburner identified were the need for your National Insurance number to register, which many unregistered voters don’t know where to find, and the perception that registering to vote is a complicated process.

2. Out of the unregistered, the biggest demographics currently unrepresented in the electoral roll are young people, private renters, and people from BME communities.

Why this is remains difficult to pin down. Laziness? Lack of targeted marketing? Is the whole debate too dense and confusing to form a real opinion? The answer is unclear. However, these are the people who will be most affected by a potential ‘Brexit’.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has highlighted concerns over the job market for young people if we leave the EU; on the other hand, Vote Leave are concerned that remaining in the EU will force future generations to bear the ‘EU economic burden’.

“I would hate for people to wake up on June 24th and wish they’d done something, said Lucy Thomas, Deputy Director of Britain Stronger in Europe.

“If they don’t vote, we don’t just stay in automatically. It isn’t just a status quo – we could lose.”

3. It is not too late to shrink the huge ‘7 million’ number

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Jokes about Tinder’s presence aside, the meeting is a clear sign that the government is taking this very seriously. Downing Street are opening themselves up to new, even offbeat ideas from the likes of people you’d never expect they’d approach.

Picture this. Uber utilising a pop-up notification post-car request, encouraging you to use your 3 minute wait time to register to vote. A new Facebook ‘reaction’ emoji popping up the eve of registration deadline, your timeline flooded with semi-smug screenshots of friends’ completed registration screen. An EU-referendum based Google Doodle, guaranteed to be picked up by at least 16 viral news sites. The upcoming EU vote brings about the unprecedented situation of these huge, powerful tech companies putting aside their differences for a worthy cause – and, corporate agendas aside, this can be nothing but good for solving the problem.

Not everyone can be, as Aaron Burr laments in hit musical Hamilton, “in the room where it happens.” Having been given access to the aforementioned room, it is my pleasure to say that there is hope yet for the unrepresented. If our Prime Minister cares enough to spend an afternoon of his precious time to focus on the voices of young people, this is a sign of better things to come. I believe it.-Brenda Wong (Class of 2011)

Link to original article:

Brenda’s Twitter account:

Jirayu Jatechayanon (Chert)

Graduated 2012

University of Birmingham

“Working with the elderly and disabled children on the Rotary Club Kids Day Out enables me to develop myself as part of the community. I have seen the cultural expectations and preconceptions of myself and others challenged; the awareness and will of doctors to understand this is critical. In model United Nations I question and debate different facets of a situation: politics, like medicine can be a complex ethical minefield in which the population or the patients best interests can suffer due to malpractice. In both we are bound but also guided by principals which help a doctor resolve ethical dilemmas.”

Yeepoon off to a flying start in Bangsaen

Yeepoon Sponsor2

Paparwee (Yeepoon) Assavadakorn (Class of 2009) got off to a great start in the 2016 Thailand Triathlon Series in Bangsaen. Yeepoon won first place in the AG Sprint Distance category at the Bangsaen Triathlon in February.

She achieved this extraordinary feat by swimming 750m in the sea, biking 26km and running 6km in total time of 1h41min. It was a great day and despite her knee injury not allowing her to run well, Yeepoon finished the swim and the bike ride strongly to be victorious in her event.

Yeepoon is sponsored by SISBAA.

“I couldnt have done this without great support from sponsors. Thank you and also to Shrewsbury Alumni Associaton so much for your support and for believing in me. I’ll keep you posted on next races’ results. ”

Yeepoon Sponsor3Yeepoon Sponsor4

International Food Day

International Food DayLooking forward to the first Shrewsbury International Food Day – Thursday 3rd March, 2pm to 4pm. We hope students, staff and parents from across our international community will enjoy this special celebration of world languages, cultures and cuisines!

Shrewsbury Farmer’s Market returns 25th February


Shrewsbury Farmers Market returns to school on Thursday 8th October. Don’t forget to bring your re-usable bags!

Come and buy delicious and healthy products including organic fruit and vegetables, yogurt and cheeses. There will also be freshly baked artisan breads and French pastries on sale. Please come join us at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok from 2:00 pm-4:30 pm.

Shrewsbury Family Golf Day 2016

SHB-Family Golf Day 2016 eblast

The annual Shrewsbury Family Golf Day returns on Sunday 28th February at the stunning Lotus Valley Golf Resort.
The competition is open to all parents, students, staff and members of the wider Shrewsbury community, past and present. Entries are invited from individual players.
The competition will be played over 18-holes and will use the exciting Texas Scramble format, with final positions being determined by the best score from the pair. All entrants must be confident playing a round of golf over 18 holes, unsupervised.

SISBAA London Reunion 2016

Madison1SISBAA presents the 1st ever ” London Alumni Reunion Event” on Saturday 20th February, 2016 at Madison’s St Pauls.

Where: Madison Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Rooftop Terrace, 1 New Change, St Pauls, London EC4M 9AF.

Time: 6:00pm onwards. Please come join us for a nice evening of food, drinks and catching up.

Madison2We are looking forward to seeing our Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Alumni, Thai Old Salopians and former Gap Students join Mr. Holroyd, Ms. Fretwell and Ms. Overton for a relaxing evening in London at a scenic London city bar overlooking the St Paul’s Cathedral.

For more information and for RSVP please click HERE or send an Email to

madison 3

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