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First off Congratulations to Amy (SHB08) (Head Girl in 2008) with her new baby girl arrival, Cherie Woo, as well as Mill (SHB08) on her second baby, Rahm! Well known Chef, Pam (SHB07) has also just given birth recently & so brother Nawin (SHB05) also becomes an uncle! Also a big congrats to Pear (Alena) (SHB10) on tying the knot! SISBAA wishes you all the best!

A proud moment for Praew

Praew (SHB16) entered Miss Tourism World Thailand. Praew represented Phitsanulok and by all accounts did very well. Here are some photos of Praew in the Miss Tourism World Thailand pageant.

Alumni Open for Business

Kaimook (SHB19) has opened a new Spa in Thonglor Soi 8 called Pine Tree Gallery Spa located near the Eight Thonglor complex.

Toey (SHB10) has launched a new delicious refreshing coconut drink Hom. Several Alumni and also many Shrewsbury staff have confirmed that it tastes really good!

Net (SHB14) has a hotel called “My Beach Resort” in Phuket. If you are looking to enjoy your vacation at a beachfront hotel located in Cape Panwa, please contact her directly. More information is available in the Shrewsbury Marketplace Facebook group.

New. P (SHB15) has just opened a new bar in Ekkamai called MoveOn. The atmosphere is really nice with a good vibe and live music. Please go help support him. More to follow…

Up and Coming Alumni!

Nana (SHB20) is now featuring in the series Bad Genius on CH31.

Tam (SHB10) has won yet more awards for being one of Thailand’s young up and coming talented chefs!

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Alumni Roundup 2019-2020

As we look ahead to a new academic year here at Shrewsbury, we also take the chance to look back at another busy year for Shrewsbury Alumni Association.

Despite the challenges we have all faced in the months following the outbreak of COVID19, we can still reflect on several moments throughout the year which have brought former students back together and which continue to strengthen the bonds of our amazing alumni family. Here we take a chronological look at the news and events from 2019-20.

SHB14 5 Year Reunion

The Academic year started off with the SHB14 5 Year Reunion Event which Jenny kindly helped me organize. It was a lovely Friday night with approximately 50 members of the Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Class of 2014 attending at Siwilai City Club located in Central Embassy, a perfect location for those working as the venue is situated in the centre of downtown Bangkok.

Alumni Volleyball

Following this was the annual Alumni Volleyball Tournament where several Alumni returned to campus to participate and play with and against the current Varsity team. To make it more fun we decided to play a mixed format where the boys and girls played together resulting in a victory for the Alumni team featuring Benson, Pasu, Smile, Earth, Tie, Pam. The Alumni look forward to Volleyball every year with increasing numbers each time.

SISBAA Annual Reunion

Next up was the Annual SISBAA Reunion with all years invited. This proved to be a successful event with an attendance of over 250. This was also hosted at Siwilai City Club in Central Embassy. What was particularly impressive was that several Alumni turned up from many different cohorts including the most recent graduating Class of 2019. There were also plenty of Old Salopians in attendance as well as some Alumni from SHB08 and SHB09 who now have children of their own and who we hope one day will also become members of the Shrewsbury family! A special mention must go to Phung our first ever Alumni who graduated from SHB in 2004 with her daughter set to attend Shrewsbury City Campus in August! It was really nice to see an Alumni event where nearly all cohorts were represented in such good numbers! We now look forward to the Alumni Reunion in 2020. Watch this space!

Alumni of the Year Awards

In November we hosted the Alumni of the Year Awards with this year’s prestigious awards going to Fah (SHB07), Natty (SHB10) and Nana (SHB20) Please see the link below for the featured article on this.

In December, we hosted a mini SHB19 “Welcome Back Event” for the Class of 2019 returning to Bangkok for the first time since going away to university in the States and in the UK as well as those attending universities in Thailand. This was a fun evening and really nice to see everyone talking about their experiences and appear to be genuinely delighted to catch up with each other! We are extremely grateful to Yuri for helping me organize this event.

Alumni City Drinks

In January, the Annual Alumni City Drinks Event took place at 137 Pillars Hotel in Sukhumvit 39 to kick off the New Year! Once again we had a decent turnout of over 250 alumni attending, including nearly the whole of SHB19!

Alumni Golf

Alumni Golf was once again held at Suwan Country Club and we were privileged to have Jackie (SHB13) – now a professional golfer – play. She dominated with 7 birdies and an eagle on the back nine. She teamed up with Vicky, Doln and Ryu who hit the shot of the day on the way to a fantastic team win.

London Alumni Event

In February, the London Alumni Reunion took place at Bounce in Farringdon with approximately 100 Alumni in attendance. The ping pong tournament was won by Pip & Oliver (SHB17) and it was a really fun night. There was a decent turnout mostly from those studying at undergraduate level in London (SHB16-19). Miss Ploy and P’Stu also visited several other Alumni in London who couldn’t make it to the event so we were delighted to spend time with some of the Alumni who are either now working in London or doing their postgraduate studies in the UK.

SHB10 10 Year Reunion

Also in February, the SHB10 Year Reunion Event occurred in ATT19, a converted Art gallery near the Chao Phraya which was the perfect location for such a wonderful event of drinks, music and reminiscing! A special thanks goes out to Pim, Toey and Natty who made this event truly wonderful and a night to remember and also staff legends Mr Flavell, Mr Langridge and Mr d’Rozario (thanks for the unique rendition of Oasis’ Wonderwall!). Now we look forward to several more Alumni events including reunions and also sports events such as Football, Basketball and Softball.


Congratulations to the following Alumni who have shared some exciting family news with us. Toey SHB08, Mill SHB08, Mei SHB08, Phung SHB04 Pry SHB09 have all have had new arrivals into the world this academic year. We hope that the whole family will come to visit us in Shrewsbury in the near future! Also, huge congratulation to Pete (SHB09) and Pry (SHB09) respectively on their weddings, and to the all-Shrewsbury partnership of Build & Gift (SHB09)! If you’d like to share news of engagements, weddings or new arrivals with the Alumni family, please let us know! (

Trip to visit Alumni in the United States

Unfortunately due to the COVID19 pandemic, the annual US Trip to visit our Alumni at their universities and beyond, had to be cancelled. This year the plan was for Principal, Chris Seal, Director of Higher Education, Jo Fretwell, and Associate Director of Higher Education (US), Terri Overton to visit universities (& Alumni) in the Boston/New York area plus Atlanta and North Carolina. We hope that we’ll have more luck next year!

2020 COVID19

A special mention goes out to Alumni, PunPun, Jane, France, Sand, NaeNae, Deva, Derya, Win, Firm, Karuna, Sense, Yasmin, Dante, Kazuki, Palmy for organizing a project “Meet our Mentors” who offered their own insights into applying to world-leading universities to other prospective candidates, and helping to raising money for essential medical service in Bangkok, including for those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Our thoughts go out to all the Alumni affected by this global pandemic whether it has affected your business, your education. Please take care and stay safe!

School News

Welcome SHB20 Alumni to SISBAA! Please see the link below for their University Destinations!

In other news, the Riverside campus is a hive of construction activity at the moment. Following the library renovation last year, this summer we see a complete makeover of the EY garden and DT department; a space we know holds so many fantastic memories for our Alumni. Most importantly, construction of a new PE block and Senior School building and is underway and is due to be completed in 2021. When completed, this will allow even more students to join the Shrewsbury family, including those progressing to Senior School when they complete their primary education at Shrewsbury City. We hope to be able to invite Alumni back to school for a “Homecoming Event” in the future, where you can see just how far the Shrewsbury campus has come since your time here, and we can find out what you’ve been up to too!

Stay Connected!

Finally, please follow us on Social Media, Our Facebook Page is Shrewsbury Bangkok Alumni Association and our Linkedin is SISBAA Shrewsbury.

SISBAA City Drinks 2019

On Friday 4th January to kick off the New Year 2019, The annual Alumni Drinks event took place at the Marble Bar, 137 Pillars Hotel in the Sukhumvit area of downtown Bangkok. Thanks to Natty (SHB10) & Cherry (SHB12). It was a beautiful evening with approximately 150 attendees consisting of teachers and Alumni dominated mainly by the classes of SHB14 and SHB13 who have recently graduated and are back in Thailand working. It was an enjoyable evening with the drinks flowing and a nice view of the Bangkok skyline in the background.

Alumni Golf Tournament 2019

This year’s Alumni Golf tournament occurred at Suwan Golf and Country Club and consisted of a bunch of Alumni Doln and Vicky. There were 2 professional golfers Jackie and Muka also playing in this competition. We played Texas Scramble format which was fun although there was much debate over the handicaps of several of the players. It was a really nice event as always where everybody appeared to have a good time and there were some beautiful shots but also shots that hit trees, went into the water and the sand. Everyone enjoyed the laughter and are already looking forward to next years tournament.

The eventual winners were Jan, Muka and Doln who scored -11 as a 3 playing off scratch tied with Arm, Annie and Book who finished with a score of -6 but played with a handicap. Jackie and Vicky played as a pair so this is much more difficult compared to playing as a three but still finished -3 and Tanya and Mew also played together as a pair and the contingent was made up of Mr. Turkington, Mr.Threlfall and Mr.Groves making his debut.

Pilot Teddy

My name is Teddy, class of 2015. Almost three years have passed since my graduation from Shrewsbury, during which, I have been on a whirlwind of a journey – one that has resulted in me becoming a First Officer on the 737!

Since my early years at Shrewsbury, I have had a passion for aviation. A passion which has developed into a continuous learning curve towards Captaincy – the ultimate goal of any pilot. During my final year of sixth form, I received an offer to join the prestigious Oxford Aviation Academy, starting in September that year. After a continuous 24 months of training,

I now travel around Europe and the world, second in command on a 737, watching the sun rise or set, with 189 passengers behind me. I am incredibly fortunate to be in this position, to be paid to do what I love, and I am incredibly grateful for the foundation Shrewsbury gave me to achieve this.

London Alumni Event 2018 and Higher Education Trip to UK


On Saturday night 10th February, We had our annual SISBAA London Reunion at Bounce in Farringdon.

We hired a private room with food, free flow drinks and 3 ping pong tables.

It was a nice turnout consisting of approximately 90 people made up of about 80 alumni and 10 staff. The majority of alumni were from the most recent graduating class SHB’17 but there was also a fair proportion from SHB16 and SHB14.

Everybody seemed in vibrant mood despite the freezing winter conditions. Everyone was paired up with someone not from their year in a mini table tennis tournament as an icebreaker to help people get to know each other better outside their own cohort.

It was nice to see Shrewsbury members of staff mixing with their former students.

The event was also attended by Director of Shrewsbury International Asia Stephen Holroyd, Alison Holroyd, Shrewsbury Riverside Principal Chris Seal, Shrewsbury City Principal Amanda Dennison, Head of Junior School Sally Weston who incidentally used to teach half the alumni way back when they were in Year 5 and Year 6. Director of Higher Education Jo Fretwell also attended the event along with Miss Ploy and Richard Kirby who seemed to enjoy reminiscing with the alumni who they have known for quite a while now.

As part of the same trip, members of the Higher Education team visited several universities and had the pleasure of meeting with alumni at visits to Royal Holloway London, University of The Arts London (Camberwell) and (Central St Martins),  Brighton, Sussex, Surrey, Reading, Exeter and there was a mini gathering in Bristol where Alumni from Bath, Bristol and Cardiff came for a nice catch up session.

Alumni Golf Tournament 2018

On Sunday 7th January, The 3rd SISBAA Golf Tournament took place once again at Suwan Golf and Country Club. This year we divided everyone into teams of pairs playing in 4s and playing under scramble format rules which means essentially you get 2 shots at each turn and then you choose to play whichever ball is in the best position. The Alumni were represented by Jackie (SHB13) who is now a professional golfer playing with Vicky (SHB20). Jessica (SHB11) played with Tanya (SHB19) to make up the foursome and by all accounts a thoroughly enjoyable round of golf with several pars, birdies and some near misses for an eagle. There was a bottle of champagne on offer for any player who shot a hole in one on the Par 3 15th but unfortunately nobody managed to accomplish this rare feat.

There was a them of there representing the staff featuring Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside Principal Mr. Chris Seal along with Mr. Greg Threlfall (who has a hole-in-one to his name!) and Mr. Simon Aves. The other teams included Director of Golf Mr. Freddy Edmunds playing with Mr. Angus Turkington as a pair alongside the other pair of Wit (SHB18) and Gus (SHB18) alongside Win (SHB18) and defending champion Muffin (SHB18).

It was a close battle with the winner by one stroke after all the handicap calculations were taken into account was Jackie and Vicky who lifted the trophy.

Alumni City Drinks 2018

On Fri 5 th January, 2018 with everybody fresh from their Christmas and New Year vacation, there was a nice gathering at the Marble Bar on the 27th Floor of the 137 Pillars Suites and Hotel in Sukhumvit 39 owned by one our beloved alumni Natty SHB10 and Cherry SHB12. Thank you to Natty for helping this wonderful event to occur at her hotel with a spectacular view of the city especially at night. There was a nice turnout of over 100 people including Alumni, Teachers, and Old Salopians from our sister school in the UK. We now look forward to the London Alumni Event in February and the SISBAA Reunion in June along with the much anticipated Alumni Sports Tournaments including Football, Basketball and Volleyball.



Shrewsbury Alumni in Australia

The majority of students who graduate from Shrewsbury International School Bangkok go to study in the United States or the United Kingdom but some of our Alumni are currently in Australia. There are Alumni in different cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth both at University and some working. They all seem to enjoy Australia and we have included some photos and quotes about their time there.
“My course atm is Design foundation studies at UNSW. My favourite thing about Australia is the friendly atmosphere and the good weather as well as the mixed culture which provides plenty amount of food of all different cuisines.”
– Austin (SHB 17)
 “My name is Yanee and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of International Relations and a Bachelor of International Security Studies at The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. Although Canberra is small and quiet compared to Bangkok, the ANU campus is large and vibrant with students and academics from all around Australia and the world. ANU is one of the world’s leading universities for international relations, and being at the heart of Australia’s ‘Bush Capital’ means being able to learn directly  from experts at the top of their field whilst living amongst Australia’s nature and wildlife!” – Yanee (SHB 15)

Thomas Brown (SHB 15) is currently on a football scholarship at Adelaide University studying Sport and Recreation Management and seems to be enjoying life back home! He is currently combining his time studying and playing for the A League club Adelaide United at junior level.


Reach for the Stars

Record A Level Results for Class of 2017

  • 40% A* grades (5 x UK average)
  • 12 Straight A*
  • 21 students with 3+ A*
  • 32 students straight A*/A
  • 65% A*/A

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok’s graduating Class of 2017 are celebrating another extraordinary set of examination results. 40% of exams achieved the A* benchmark; a significant improvement the already exceptional results of 2016 , and which is 5 times higher than the UK average, which remains at 8%. 65% exams scored A*/A grade (compared to 25% in the UK) and 82% scored B grade or higher.

Individually, over one third of all students achieved straight A*/A grades, with 21 students scoring at least 3A*s and 12 students achieving straight A* grades. Amongst them were Thanat (Poom) Wongwaisayawan and Tachakrit (Earth) Tachatirakul, who both earned 5 A* grades, now begin their undergraduate studies at London’s Imperial College (Chemical Physics) and the University of Cambridge (Medicine). Earth will be joined at Cambridge’s Gonville and Caius College by Wannakorn (Ki-Ki)  Tapanakornwut (4A*s) who  will read Engineering Science.

Former Head Girl, Pavitchaya (Pearl) Yodwongjane secures her place at University College London and is one of several students to continue to medical school this year both in the UK and here in Thailand. Meanwhile, with 3 A*s and 1 A grade (including a top grade in Drama), former Head Boy, Carlos Romero Jantacomma heads to Yale University. NYU, UC Berkeley, UPenn’s Wharton Business School and Columbia are amongst other top US destinations for Shrewsbury’s Class of 2017.

“This really is a fantastic set of results for our students and I’m absolutely thrilled for them”, said Steve Allen (Vice Principal, Head of Senior). “The number of students achieving the very top grades is truly exceptional and continues to mark Shrewsbury out as the regional leader in academic excellence.  However, the real story here is of progress; for the students who have made such incredible personal strides on their way to these results, and for Shrewsbury as the mature organisation that we have now become. I’m privileged to have been part of the journey of these inspirational young leaders, and proud that this school is able to offer the structures, experience and personnel to help all our students achieve their goals”.

Mr. Allen goes on to note “What is striking for me, is that academic progress goes hand in hand with an enjoyment of co-curricular interests outside the classroom. I am convinced that these opportunities, whether on the stage, sports field, debating hall or art studio, on a mountain summit or whilst volunteering at a local charity, bring real balance and a sense of perspective; trademarks of an all round education which help to stimulate academic performance, and which help to develop the confidence, skills and qualities that characterize a Shrewsbury graduate.”

Director of Higher Education, Jo Fretwell, is also pleased that the same wide ranging interests are reflected in the variety of university and courses chosen by this year’s graduating cohort.  “I’m delighted, but not surprised to see the outstanding success of our students this year”, notes Ms. Fretwell.

“Often exceeding their own expectations, the Class of 2017 have worked hard to fulfill their true potential and now matriculate to a wide variety of institutions around the world to study everything from Textiles to Chemical Physics.  We have a number of medics and a notably strong contingent of law students this year, complimenting the traditionally strong choices such as engineering and economics. I’m also delighted to see some really interesting vocational course choices, such as design and acting. Having had the pleasure of getting to know these students over the last few years, I know that they are equipped to succeed wherever they choose to study and live in the world. Beyond their academic success, our students uphold the great values of Shrewsbury International School. They are engaged and passionate young people who I’m sure will continue to make a positive difference in their local communities and wider society.”

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Alumni Roundup September 2020

On Friday 4th September over 250 people attended our annual Alumni Reunion Event at Siwilai City Club on the 5thFloor of Central Embassy in central Bangkok.


Past reunion events, sports tournaments and successes.