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Alumni Roundup September 2020

  • On Friday 4th September over 250 people attended our annual Alumni Reunion Event at Siwilai City Club on the 5th Floor of Central Embassy in central Bangkok. This event is always extremely popular with our Alumni, however with the restrictions currently in place, our capacity for the event was more limited than usual. With priority given to our younger alumni cohorts, places filled quickly. It was great to see so many of our most recent graduating class at their first alumni event, but also many other recent leavers connecting with older alumni and getting their insights and advice on both university life and the world of work beyond. At this time of year the majority of current university students would normally be back in the US, UK and elsewhere, but with international travel currently restricted, this was a great opportunity to catch up with our alumni community, and keep the connection between the school and the alumni strong!
  • On Wednesday 16th September Principal Chris Seal, his wife Sam, and Year 1 Team Leader, Ms Jade met for dinner with three of our Alumni mums. They helped to explain some of the changes to Riverside since our alumni were at school here, and what they and fellow alumni could now expect from a Riverside education for their own child. We hope to see Mei (SHB08), Mill (SHB08) and Toey (SHB08) here again soon not just as Alumnae, but also as Shrewsbury Parents! 
  • In personal news, congratulations to Ammy SHB09 on the new addition to her family, Nink SHB08 on the recent wedding, and Aon SHB10 on getting engaged! If you have any news and updates to share with SISBAA and the wider community  – personal or professional – we would love to hear from you. Please email us at
  • We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our next big event –  the Alumni Golf tournament at Thai Country Club on Sunday 27th September!

Alumni Update


First off Congratulations to Amy (SHB08) (Head Girl in 2008) with her new baby girl arrival, Cherie Woo, as well as Mill (SHB08) on her second baby, Rahm! Well known Chef, Pam (SHB07) has also just given birth recently & so brother Nawin (SHB05) also becomes an uncle! Also a big congrats to Pear (Alena) (SHB10) on tying the knot! SISBAA wishes you all the best!

A proud moment for Praew

Praew (SHB16) entered Miss Tourism World Thailand. Praew represented Phitsanulok and by all accounts did very well. Here are some photos of Praew in the Miss Tourism World Thailand pageant.

Alumni Open for Business

Kaimook (SHB19) has opened a new Spa in Thonglor Soi 8 called Pine Tree Gallery Spa located near the Eight Thonglor complex.

Toey (SHB10) has launched a new delicious refreshing coconut drink Hom. Several Alumni and also many Shrewsbury staff have confirmed that it tastes really good!

Net (SHB14) has a hotel called “My Beach Resort” in Phuket. If you are looking to enjoy your vacation at a beachfront hotel located in Cape Panwa, please contact her directly. More information is available in the Shrewsbury Marketplace Facebook group.

New. P (SHB15) has just opened a new bar in Ekkamai called MoveOn. The atmosphere is really nice with a good vibe and live music. Please go help support him. More to follow…

Up and Coming Alumni!

Nana (SHB20) is now featuring in the series Bad Genius on CH31.

Tam (SHB10) has won yet more awards for being one of Thailand’s young up and coming talented chefs!

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Alumni Roundup 2019-2020

As we look ahead to a new academic year here at Shrewsbury, we also take the chance to look back at another busy year for Shrewsbury Alumni Association.

Despite the challenges we have all faced in the months following the outbreak of COVID19, we can still reflect on several moments throughout the year which have brought former students back together and which continue to strengthen the bonds of our amazing alumni family. Here we take a chronological look at the news and events from 2019-20.

SHB14 5 Year Reunion

The Academic year started off with the SHB14 5 Year Reunion Event which Jenny kindly helped me organize. It was a lovely Friday night with approximately 50 members of the Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Class of 2014 attending at Siwilai City Club located in Central Embassy, a perfect location for those working as the venue is situated in the centre of downtown Bangkok.

Alumni Volleyball

Following this was the annual Alumni Volleyball Tournament where several Alumni returned to campus to participate and play with and against the current Varsity team. To make it more fun we decided to play a mixed format where the boys and girls played together resulting in a victory for the Alumni team featuring Benson, Pasu, Smile, Earth, Tie, Pam. The Alumni look forward to Volleyball every year with increasing numbers each time.

SISBAA Annual Reunion

Next up was the Annual SISBAA Reunion with all years invited. This proved to be a successful event with an attendance of over 250. This was also hosted at Siwilai City Club in Central Embassy. What was particularly impressive was that several Alumni turned up from many different cohorts including the most recent graduating Class of 2019. There were also plenty of Old Salopians in attendance as well as some Alumni from SHB08 and SHB09 who now have children of their own and who we hope one day will also become members of the Shrewsbury family! A special mention must go to Phung our first ever Alumni who graduated from SHB in 2004 with her daughter set to attend Shrewsbury City Campus in August! It was really nice to see an Alumni event where nearly all cohorts were represented in such good numbers! We now look forward to the Alumni Reunion in 2020. Watch this space!

Alumni of the Year Awards

In November we hosted the Alumni of the Year Awards with this year’s prestigious awards going to Fah (SHB07), Natty (SHB10) and Nana (SHB20) Please see the link below for the featured article on this.

In December, we hosted a mini SHB19 “Welcome Back Event” for the Class of 2019 returning to Bangkok for the first time since going away to university in the States and in the UK as well as those attending universities in Thailand. This was a fun evening and really nice to see everyone talking about their experiences and appear to be genuinely delighted to catch up with each other! We are extremely grateful to Yuri for helping me organize this event.

Alumni City Drinks

In January, the Annual Alumni City Drinks Event took place at 137 Pillars Hotel in Sukhumvit 39 to kick off the New Year! Once again we had a decent turnout of over 250 alumni attending, including nearly the whole of SHB19!

Alumni Golf

Alumni Golf was once again held at Suwan Country Club and we were privileged to have Jackie (SHB13) – now a professional golfer – play. She dominated with 7 birdies and an eagle on the back nine. She teamed up with Vicky, Doln and Ryu who hit the shot of the day on the way to a fantastic team win.

London Alumni Event

In February, the London Alumni Reunion took place at Bounce in Farringdon with approximately 100 Alumni in attendance. The ping pong tournament was won by Pip & Oliver (SHB17) and it was a really fun night. There was a decent turnout mostly from those studying at undergraduate level in London (SHB16-19). Miss Ploy and P’Stu also visited several other Alumni in London who couldn’t make it to the event so we were delighted to spend time with some of the Alumni who are either now working in London or doing their postgraduate studies in the UK.

SHB10 10 Year Reunion

Also in February, the SHB10 Year Reunion Event occurred in ATT19, a converted Art gallery near the Chao Phraya which was the perfect location for such a wonderful event of drinks, music and reminiscing! A special thanks goes out to Pim, Toey and Natty who made this event truly wonderful and a night to remember and also staff legends Mr Flavell, Mr Langridge and Mr d’Rozario (thanks for the unique rendition of Oasis’ Wonderwall!). Now we look forward to several more Alumni events including reunions and also sports events such as Football, Basketball and Softball.


Congratulations to the following Alumni who have shared some exciting family news with us. Toey SHB08, Mill SHB08, Mei SHB08, Phung SHB04 Pry SHB09 have all have had new arrivals into the world this academic year. We hope that the whole family will come to visit us in Shrewsbury in the near future! Also, huge congratulation to Pete (SHB09) and Pry (SHB09) respectively on their weddings, and to the all-Shrewsbury partnership of Build & Gift (SHB09)! If you’d like to share news of engagements, weddings or new arrivals with the Alumni family, please let us know! (

Trip to visit Alumni in the United States

Unfortunately due to the COVID19 pandemic, the annual US Trip to visit our Alumni at their universities and beyond, had to be cancelled. This year the plan was for Principal, Chris Seal, Director of Higher Education, Jo Fretwell, and Associate Director of Higher Education (US), Terri Overton to visit universities (& Alumni) in the Boston/New York area plus Atlanta and North Carolina. We hope that we’ll have more luck next year!

2020 COVID19

A special mention goes out to Alumni, PunPun, Jane, France, Sand, NaeNae, Deva, Derya, Win, Firm, Karuna, Sense, Yasmin, Dante, Kazuki, Palmy for organizing a project “Meet our Mentors” who offered their own insights into applying to world-leading universities to other prospective candidates, and helping to raising money for essential medical service in Bangkok, including for those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Our thoughts go out to all the Alumni affected by this global pandemic whether it has affected your business, your education. Please take care and stay safe!

School News

Welcome SHB20 Alumni to SISBAA! Please see the link below for their University Destinations!

In other news, the Riverside campus is a hive of construction activity at the moment. Following the library renovation last year, this summer we see a complete makeover of the EY garden and DT department; a space we know holds so many fantastic memories for our Alumni. Most importantly, construction of a new PE block and Senior School building and is underway and is due to be completed in 2021. When completed, this will allow even more students to join the Shrewsbury family, including those progressing to Senior School when they complete their primary education at Shrewsbury City. We hope to be able to invite Alumni back to school for a “Homecoming Event” in the future, where you can see just how far the Shrewsbury campus has come since your time here, and we can find out what you’ve been up to too!

Stay Connected!

Finally, please follow us on Social Media, Our Facebook Page is Shrewsbury Bangkok Alumni Association and our Linkedin is SISBAA Shrewsbury.


On Saturday 14th July 2018, Shrewsbury International School Bangkok had their first ever 10 Year Reunion for the Graduating Class of 2008 (SHB08).

A very special thank you to Gib for helping to organize this event which involved constant line chat and phone calls with P’Stu. It was an enjoyable event where a boat collected about 25-30 Alumni and special guest Mr. Stu Flavell for a cruise up and down the Chao Phraya river for 3 hours.

There was plenty of food, drink, karaoke and also the England vs Belgium World Cup game on display.

It was nice to see everybody catch up and reminisce with each other especially as some of our Alumni are already married, Mei is a Mom and another Mill is pregnant. (Lookout EY1 SHB21 etc!)

We now look forward to SHB09 10 Year reunion next year!

Kwang and “Deerato” in Guru Bangkok Post

PowerPoint PresentationSWEET TOOTH SIBLINGS

Nattakan “Kwang” Vichiankavee and her older brothers Nat and Vut have the sweetest set-up in Bangkok. They’ve opened chic gelato booth Deerato (, IG @deerato ), which currently is a hit among the city’s foodies. We catch up with the siblings to find out the secret behing their success, what it’s like working with family and where we can find them next.


It began with our shared passion for premium Italian gelato and the problem of finding some we liked in Bangkok. So we thought why not make our own? That’s how Deerato was founded. We wanted to give customers a unique experience in decorating their gelato as opposed to having it plain, so we’ve come up with creative toppings like syrup syringe and marshmallow sticks, which became an instant hit. From our first booth event, the feedback we received exceeded our expectations. Lots of people were sharing photos of our gelato on their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts including top food bloggers, which garnered over 10,000 likes.


Although we love all types of frozen dessert, our favourite has to be gelato. It has more variety in terms of flavours and taste, and the silky-smooth texture makes it incredibly delicious. While it’s not calorie-free, this guilty pleasure is actually lower in fat and sugar than regular ice cream.


We all have our picks but our customers seem to love the chocolate based flavours. I’d recommend our signature Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, which is packed with chocolate and hazelnut-a great choice for the chocoholics. As for toppings, we love the chocolate syrup syringe, as it goes with all gelato flavours, and some colourful sprinkles to make instagram worthy and super delicious.


We’re a close knit family, so everyone has the freedom to give their opinions. And we deal with issues together as a unit. Having support from my siblings is the best part. Although Nat and Vut both have full-time jobs, their dedication and contribution to Deerato has been vital and I don’t think we would have got this far if it weren’t for all three of us pulling the weight.


The most important thing to remember is that you must have a real passion for what you want to do. If you don’t love it, don’t do it. There’s no point starting something half-heartedly. The next part is to dedicate your time to studying and learning about it. This includes knowing where you stand as a brand, who your competitors are and what makes you different in the market. We’ve always believed the saying “Don’t wait for an opportunity when you can create one.” So if you would like to start a business, you have to be prepared to take a leap and work hard in order to achieve success.

Pudjeeb in Boston Magazine



Class of 2010 Graduate, Pudjeeb Buddhari, has recently been making headlines in the US for her role in  the development of Glow; a revolutionary interactive Yoga Mat designed by students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

On the surface, Glow looks like a regular home yoga mat, yet the embedded pressure sensors and LEDs allow the mat to provide both visual and audio feedback to the user, improving the effectiveness of the workout.  Glow also comes with its own software, allowing users to customize their workouts and to create a personalized yoga experience.

This project was for MIT’s senior capstone product design class in the Mechanical Engineering department (2.009: Product Engineering Processes). Students were divided into teams of about 18 people to brainstorm, design, and manufacture an alpha prototype product under this year’s overall theme of “Be Well.”



As Pudjeeb explains, “This was probably one of the best classes I’ve taken here at MIT. It gave me the opportunity to work with a team comprised of mostly mechanical engineers, one computer science and electrical engineer major, and me, an architecture major. I learned a great deal from my very intelligent teammates, and I felt like I can contribute a lot to the product from a different perspective.”
“There were team-building activities and challenges throughout the semester. The final product was presented to an audience of over 1,000 guests including sponsors, MIT faculty, and guests from product development firms.”
“In addition to the brainstorming and manufacturing stages, I was heavily involved in designing the graphical user interface, presentation materials, and overall branding for Glow. Yellow was heavily featured in our branding design because it was our team’s color designation. The software communicates with the mat, allowing users to learn yoga through instructional videos, select various modes (single pose vs. a sequence), and track their yoga progress with instant feedback.”



To read the full article, click here



Itim (Class of 2011) gave an interview with Bangkok Post as the first Southeast Asian President of the prestigious Oxford Union.


Patricia Good Interview with The Magazine

Pat Good 2


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Alumni Roundup September 2020

On Friday 4th September over 250 people attended our annual Alumni Reunion Event at Siwilai City Club on the 5thFloor of Central Embassy in central Bangkok.


Past reunion events, sports tournaments and successes.