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Vegas in DTWhen I entered college, I found myself in a sea of valedictorians, Olympians and the average genius. And I felt lost. Time and time again, I keep coming back to the social memories created and strengthened during my time at Shrewsbury. Be it the infectious sense of humour local to us or the tightness of our community, all the factors play an emphatic role in helping me define what I conceive of as my self and identity, then draws a line to what constitutes the other. But these aren’t dichotomous existences that force me to shy away from the other, instead, they help me negotiate through the differences and allow me to maintain my identity whilst keeping an open eye towards new experiences. For me, this is clearly illustrated in the school’s motto, ‘if the heart is right, all will be well’. Shrewsbury has gone beyond its ends of academic preparation because it has cultured a distinct interior equipped for the contemporary world, an end which only exceptional schools concern about.-Patsakorn Lertprasertkul


Pat R quote

Shrewsbury is a big part of my life.As time goes by without realizing, I started to feel like I have become part of the community, friends and teachers eventually turn into family. I would proudly say that shrewsbury had gave me countless experiences both inside and outside curricular. During my time at shrewsbury I received an opportunity to do things that I never thought of doing before. Last but not least I would say with pride that I graduated from Shrewsbury. From a girl who hates going to school I never imagined myself missing it this much.-Patchamon Rattanaprukskul (Pat)

Yuki (Centre)

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Shrewsbury is a place where I know it’s okay to not be okay, to struggle, and to have problems, because I know there will always be someone to help me get through. I was surrounded by those who I can proudly call family. An encyclopedia set worth of memories that we will share as oldies sitting on rocking chairs together, whether it’s from the various house competitions, the IA expeditions or the Sixth Form lock-in. Six years ago, I did not know who these people were or that they existed, and neither did they know about me, but now they have become such a big part of me that I know will never fade away.-Varatchaya Kuansataporn (Yuki) Class of 2015


Prissie QuoteI entered school with the mindset of not wanting to go and I left not wanting to leave. One of the teachers at Shrewsbury told me “if the school had not changed or given you another perspective in any particular area then we have not done our job.” I would like to say that Shrewsbury and its teachers have done an outstanding job as it is reflected in every student. Lastly, I’m proud to say that I graduated from Shrewsbury and that it has given me more than a lifetime-worth of stories and experiences to share and keep.-Sudapa Thienprasiddhi (Prissie) Class of 2015

Pearl (Middle)

Pearl quoteA Shrewsbury teacher is an educator who ensures I excel in class; a friend who stays up with me after I get altitude sickness during an expedition in Mont Blanc; and last but not least a mentor who tells me to “embrace my failures” and put my passions first. Because of the environment and network that Shrewsbury gave me, I was always encouraged to grow and become a better version of myself. Shrewsbury gave me friends who taught me how to hug more, study more, and love more. Being surrounded by such diversely talented people ultimately pushed me to discover my own varied facets. I learned to be a fighter, a question-asker, and most importantly a team player. To say that I am a Shrewsbury alum is absolutely and humbly an honour.

Mind (Right)

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At Shrewsbury, I was surrounded by loving and caring people. Because of the support I was given, I was able to strive to do my best and had fun at the same time. Through academic challenges and extracurricular activities, I was taught to be considerate of other people’s problems and feelings. I can still remember clearly when a staff member walking by checked on me because she noticed that I looked jaded. I am very grateful for the caring attitude of the Shrewsbury community, even until now. I believe a school shouldn’t only be a place where you do well academically, but also a place where you receive and learn to give support and kindness, and Shrewsbury definitely embodies that.-Mind (Class of 2015)

Evey (Left)

Evey1When I first arrived at Shrewsbury, I wanted to stay as far away from the spotlight as possible. Instead, I was in countless performances, worked closely with amazing staff members, met some brilliant students and ultimately, graduated with the people I call family. Shrewsbury allowed me to be more creative and was open to the idea of me enjoying more than one type of activity. It allowed me to participate in a massive variety of things from house sport competitions to drama performances. The resources in school were endless and they even supported me when I wanted to do my own projects. Nothing would have prepared me any better for university than the diversity of Shrewsbury.-Evelyn Ong (Class of 2015)

Book (Right)

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“Shrewsbury means much more than just a school to me. Academically, it prepared me well. It gave me the confidence to walk into any university knowing that I am as prepared as anyone else there. Yet, what I gained from Shrewsbury extend far beyond the classroom. Student council, excellence programs and extracurricular activities all serve to strengthen the bonds between the members of community. Shrewsbury has given me a place that feels like home and people that feels like family. As I graduated, I take away not only a diploma but also long-lasting friendships and experiences that will stay with me as I move on to the next chapter of my life.”-Book (Class of 2015)


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“I’m really enjoying it here, there’s plenty to do despite restrictions. The biggest difference is the lack of time difference which helps A LOT!


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