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Kare (Front Right)

Kare quote

I entered Shrewsbury International School as a shy, quiet ten-year-old who could hardly utter a word of English. Little did I know, I graduated Sixth Form with grades which I thought were impossible, priceless experiences, and friends who I know will still be there when I turn 80. In hindsight, I can confidently say that Shrewsbury’s tight and supportive community of students and staff were the ones who gently nudged me out of my comfort zone and into discovering my passion for theatre and the arts. They gave me safe space to explore whilst retaining that much-needed pressure to succeed. I didn’t realise how much Shrewsbury has shaped me, both in and out of classrooms until I left for university. My time there didn’t only aid my growth into finding my passion, it has also taught me to have a voice and not let anyone look down on because of my gender, race, age, or even my midget-height. Kare Khoo


Jenny quote 1

I never knew how much I would miss Shrewsbury when I left it. Shrewsbury provided me with such a warm, loving support group that I believe I will cherish for life. I met all my best friends there and met all the great teachers that got me through A-levels with their help and support. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities and memories Shrewsbury has given me as well as being able to spend both my middle school and high school there.-Janjira Darwin (Jenny) Class of 2014

May (Front)

May L quote

Shrewsbury is another family. Teachers are like parents who both teach and provide us with care. I can always feel the warmth and a home-like atmosphere at Shrewsbury. The circle of friends at Shrewsbury is a treasure- more than a word I can say. Shrewsbury gave me a whole lot of opportunities to develop myself and became a better well-rounded person. It was were I laughed, cried and screamed, all my best memories were made at Shrewsbury.-Kamolphan Lerdprapapong (May) Class of 2014


Pink Boston quoteI grew up with caring teachers and friends. I have always been reminded by Shrewsbury teachers that I was living in a small bubble at the time. Not only was I instilled with academic knowledge and skills but also with this awareness. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the time under protection and care of familiar faces as long as I am aware of it. By keeping this in mind, I was open to change and expect diversity outside of my comfort zone.-Varisara Pongpairoj (Pink) Class of 2014


Yumi quote

Shrewsbury gave me so much opportunity to gain priceless life skills. Through the many activities the school offers, for instance, from being a House Captain to setting up bake sales, I made great friendships and experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. I am grateful for all the wonderful memories I had during my time at Shrewsbury.-Varittha Kuansataporn (Yumi) Class of 2014

Sam (Right)

Sam Dolton 1“I came to Shrewsbury for Sixth Form as an insecure, weird, ambitious pathetic excuse of an existence. I left Shrewsbury a secure, weird, ambitious pathetic excuse of an existence. Perhaps (probably) weirder. I gained a few incredible friends. Shrewsbury got me into Cambridge, my dream university, and for that I will forever be grateful. It also provided me some of the best teachers I have ever had, which made it rather easy to enjoy Bangkok to the fullest. I will always be grateful to Shrewsbury for providing me the opportunity of Cambridge, a degree of self confidence in my weirdness, and truly great friends.”-Samuel Dolton (Class of 2014)

Snow, Chert & Orm (Class of 2014) Right

JF BirminghamChotika Tungsawatdamrong (Snow) Class of 2013 “Shrewsbury helped me with every aspect in life from making good memories with friends and teachers to gaining useful knowledge.

Ratiporn Chinthammit (Orm) Class of 2014 “Shrewsbury helped me with the socialisation, friends that I made in Shrewsbury are very different from others in that they’re more genuine.”

Jirayu Jatechayanon (Chert) Class of 2012 “Life at Shrewsbury influenced my decisions to become a doctor.”


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