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Merck (2nd from Left)


What does Shrewsbury mean to me? It is a place for learning, opportunity, and an extended family and community. Words alone may fail to reflect the magnitude of importance in which the school means to me. Although known for its academic prowess, the correct blend of activities and opportunities away from class is what has made my time at Shrewsbury truly memorable. It is during times, in sports, Duke of Edinburgh award, school events or charity events, that these experiences have not only forged lasting friendships but also shaped me into who I am today. Sharing my experiences at school to my friends at university confirms to me how fortunate I was to have attended Shrewsbury.-Merck Paisalachpong (’13)

Bung (Left)

Bung quoteLooking back at the time spent in Shrewsbury, I realise that I have managed to gain various important talents and team playing skills. The experience in Shrewsbury cannot be compared to any other places. It has given me plenty of opportunities from sports down to musical, giving me an eye opener to the various forms of activities outside the academic prospect. With the skills I have picked up, I am fully able to pull through my university with ease. Not only does Shrewsbury teach me life skills but also gave me a sense of family that I will never be able to forget. Napassorn Asavasangsidhi (Bung)

Press (Centre Left)

Press quote

I never expected that life after leaving SHB would be so different. It was as if I had stepped into another world where I am expected to be somebody different. My time at SHB was when it was okay to make mistakes, it was okay to embarrass yourself with incorrect grammar, it was okay to get excited over little things like pizza parties at lunch time. These things were embraced rather than used to judge you for who you are. And for this, along with the unforgettable memories, I am thankful and proud to be an SHB alumni.  Chanikan Tanasatitchai (Press.)


Sea quote

All I can say is Shrewsbury is like my second home, I visit and re-visit numerous times ever since I graduated in 2013 and I still feel the loving atmosphere. My time there is truly irreplaceable, this school gave me so much to remember particularly the life skills offered by the activities I got involved like being part of the Football and tennis team or even athletic team for Fobissea where not only I got chances to visit places for my competition and gain countless memorable experiences, I also made many new friends and formed great friendships. I am forever grateful for all the wonderful times and thankful for being part of the Shrewsbury community. Chalita Laowanichwith (Sea) class of 2013

Snow, Chert & Orm (Class of 2014) Right

JF BirminghamChotika Tungsawatdamrong (Snow) Class of 2013 “Shrewsbury helped me with every aspect in life from making good memories with friends and teachers to gaining useful knowledge.

Ratiporn Chinthammit (Orm) Class of 2014 “Shrewsbury helped me with the socialisation, friends that I made in Shrewsbury are very different from others in that they’re more genuine.”

Jirayu Jatechayanon (Chert) Class of 2012 “Life at Shrewsbury influenced my decisions to become a doctor.”


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Alumni Roundup September 2020

On Friday 4th September over 250 people attended our annual Alumni Reunion Event at Siwilai City Club on the 5thFloor of Central Embassy in central Bangkok.


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