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Wen Li


“A rose will bloom, it then will fade: the greatest writers flourish in their prime and die soon after; it is the ideas and thoughts immortalised in their work that live on. Similarly, in a world of evolving cultures and shifting perspectives where change is all around, my passion for English Literature remains the one true constant in my life.”- Wen Li Toh



“My introduction to Psychology at school fueled my fervour for the subject, as I realised I could pursue a veritable career in something I was so passionate about; every aspect of Psychology, from experimental methods to key issues, inspires me. Milgram’s laboratory experiment in particular still resonates in my mind, as his study so famously breached ethical boundaries, yet provided exceptionally valuable insights into the nature of obedience.”-Chloe Fidler


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Alumni News March 2021

At the end of 2020, we had 2 events that brought several alumni together.
“I’m really enjoying it here, there’s plenty to do despite restrictions. The biggest difference is the lack of time difference which helps A LOT!


Past reunion events, sports tournaments and successes.