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Taa quote“My friends and I were the first batch of students to enter the school in 2003. Although many years have passed, I still have a very vivid memory about the place and of the good time spent with school friends and teachers attending classes, competing together in sports events and completing the Youth Awards. The school’s curriculum is also of international standards and I found myself in a very good position in pursuing Higher Education at the end of Sixth Form. It has been six very fast but also very meaningful years of my life.”

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Pawarit Ruengsuksilp (Taa)



Yeepoon quote

“Shrewsbury is a school of Opportunity. SHB never fails to support its students and alumni in any ways possible to let the students follow their dreams and achieve their goals, whether in academic or ECA.”- Paparwee Assavadakorn (Yeepoon)


tenth“I started to understand what it means to have a valuable and meaningful life. My life has become alive by making other lives valuable. It is through helping those in need and unfortunate. It is through changing my attitude and caring for the people who are around you. The realisation was like a storm surge. It has a place and changes the landscape forever.”-Sinthunon Chavanaves


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Alumni Roundup September 2020

On Friday 4th September over 250 people attended our annual Alumni Reunion Event at Siwilai City Club on the 5thFloor of Central Embassy in central Bangkok.


Past reunion events, sports tournaments and successes.