Kazuki (SHB20) Princeton

“I’m really enjoying it here, there’s plenty to do despite restrictions. The biggest difference is the lack of time difference which helps A LOT! It allows me to actually attend club meetings and make appointments with professors and stuff etc. The other big thing is the social scene, there are lots of people to interact with, I eat with friends in dining halls every meal and go on walks and hang out and stuff so I’ve gotten to know so many more people than I did last summer and it’s just overall really nice to bump into people we know.”

Karuna (SHB20) Stanford

“Stanford is great, the weather is amazing which i’m so glad about. I hate the cold so much. It’s sunny almost everyday here. People are really nice and friendly so just kind of settling in, getting to know people, visiting the area etc. I am currently working on a project at the entrepreneurship club at Stanford. I’m going camping next week because I won a prize in my engineering class to do so!

Congratulations to Kyle (BoyBoy) & Mooky (both SHB11) on getting engaged. We wish them both much happiness!

Alumni Softball took place on Wednedsay 10th March which was a really fun event where the Alumni Team consisting of Faye (SHB18) Finn (SHB20) Jin (SHB20) Aom (SHB20) Saffron (SHB20) Molly (SHB20) Robbie (SHB20) Matthew (SHB20) Lewis (Old Salopian) enjoyed playing versus the varsity team and we look forward to holding this event next year. A big thanks to Simon Murgatroyd for helping with this event.