Pinn (SHB14) created her own business The Rolling Pinn and is currently enjoying being a successful entrepreneur!

“My passion has always been baking. I fell in love with baking when I was 8 years old. My dad bought me Maymade cookbooks, and  I realized how much I love to bake! I shared my sweets with friends and families and always listened to their comments on how to improve them, which motivated me to perfect my recipes. 

After I graduated from Smith College I started The Rolling Pinn, an online bakery that specializes in soft baked cookies and cakes.

But I want my bakery to be unconventional, I want to show that women can be bold, sexy and free. So I gave my products name like Mama OG, Cup C and Sexy back to give them characters of strong women . Beyond that what makes my products unique is the experience eating the products, from the pink boxes to the aesthetic and taste of cookies and cakes. I have experimented over 40-50 recipes before launching each product to make sure customers experience the ultimate #cookieclimax: chewy cookie filled with buttery aroma and French Valrhona chocolate. 

My future plan is to grow the Rolling Pinn more and be known internationally — maybe New York next!”

Baking was so empowering as a shy girl who was not keen at socializing, baking gave me the confidence to talk and make friends at Shrewsbury. It gave me self-esteem that I have something to be proud of. I hope my business can empower women to follow their passion too.