My name is Teddy, class of 2015. Almost three years have passed since my graduation from Shrewsbury, during which, I have been on a whirlwind of a journey – one that has resulted in me becoming a First Officer on the 737!

Since my early years at Shrewsbury, I have had a passion for aviation. A passion which has developed into a continuous learning curve towards Captaincy – the ultimate goal of any pilot. During my final year of sixth form, I received an offer to join the prestigious Oxford Aviation Academy, starting in September that year. After a continuous 24 months of training,

I now travel around Europe and the world, second in command on a 737, watching the sun rise or set, with 189 passengers behind me. I am incredibly fortunate to be in this position, to be paid to do what I love, and I am incredibly grateful for the foundation Shrewsbury gave me to achieve this.