On Saturday night 10th February, We had our annual SISBAA London Reunion at Bounce in Farringdon.

We hired a private room with food, free flow drinks and 3 ping pong tables.

It was a nice turnout consisting of approximately 90 people made up of about 80 alumni and 10 staff. The majority of alumni were from the most recent graduating class SHB’17 but there was also a fair proportion from SHB16 and SHB14.

Everybody seemed in vibrant mood despite the freezing winter conditions. Everyone was paired up with someone not from their year in a mini table tennis tournament as an icebreaker to help people get to know each other better outside their own cohort.

It was nice to see Shrewsbury members of staff mixing with their former students.

The event was also attended by Director of Shrewsbury International Asia Stephen Holroyd, Alison Holroyd, Shrewsbury Riverside Principal Chris Seal, Shrewsbury City Principal Amanda Dennison, Head of Junior School Sally Weston who incidentally used to teach half the alumni way back when they were in Year 5 and Year 6. Director of Higher Education Jo Fretwell also attended the event along with Miss Ploy and Richard Kirby who seemed to enjoy reminiscing with the alumni who they have known for quite a while now.

As part of the same trip, members of the Higher Education team visited several universities and had the pleasure of meeting with alumni at visits to Royal Holloway London, University of The Arts London (Camberwell) and (Central St Martins),  Brighton, Sussex, Surrey, Reading, Exeter and there was a mini gathering in Bristol where Alumni from Bath, Bristol and Cardiff came for a nice catch up session.