This year’s Global Alumni Day was held in the ballroom at the Chatrium hotel right next to the Shrewsbury school riverside campus which made for a nice change for the Year 12 students. A big thank you to Ms. Overton for organizing the day along with Ms. Fretwell and Mr. Percival. The kickoff keynote speaker this year was Yeepoon (’09) who has not only had a successful university and working career thus far but also is a very gifted and accomplished Triathlete. This was followed by Duke and Areeya both (’11) who talked about life after Shrewsbury and their work life experiences. After a quick break, there was a university panel consisting of alumni who are studying or have previously studied in either the US or the UK. This included Book (15) currently a sophomore at Brown University, Toong a senior at NYU, Mai a freshman at NYU but currently on exchange in Florence, Italy, Boat an Old Salopian who graduated from Leeds University, Taa (’09) who graduated from Imperial College London and Beth from Bath University. There were several questions aimed at the panel as well as a couple of questions about social life at university! The interaction between current students and alumni was really nice to see. After the panel session
, we broke into specialist groups where the students could talk to alumni about what they wished to study at university. Prissie (’15) and Best (’13) talked to the student about studying at a Thai University. Chiara and K-Tung both (’16) gave valuable advice about studying at other destinations such as Japan and the Netherlands. Our gap students from Shrewsbury UK Jack and Rob talked to those interested in pursuing a gap year with help from Simon a recent graduate of Bath University. Liberal Arts always seems to be a popular choice especially for those applying to schools in the US. Mai, Tat (’16) a freshman at Smith with the help of Ms. Overton led on this. The largest groups were for Engineering and Business/Economics. Taa helped talk about Engineering and a special mention must be given to Joy (’12) now currently working for Shell in Amsterdam after graduating from Cambridge, who kindly sent a power point presentation about Engineering to us which was extremely useful for the students to see. Book and Duke talked about business and economics. The afternoon session featured Kwang (’07) giving a presentation about her business ‘Deerato’ which was followed by the Alumni Entrepreneur Fair in the Morris Forum. Kwang (ice cream), Pry (’09) Grand Esta Clinic, Vasudev (’11) bikes and skateboards, Priya (’07) Ojas, Best (Infinite Paper Lab) Phung (’04) Hello Kitty water bottles.