Brown has been an amazing experience for me. Known for the liberal approach to education, Brown hasn’t let me down at all when it comes to diversity and exposure to new ideas. I have taken courses in fields ranging from economics and finance all the way to theoretical physics, philosophy and international law. More importantly though, I have met new people; people from different countries, ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences.

Conversations, both formal and informal, have offered so much food for thought as perspectives are discussed and stories are shared. As an architect of our own curriculum, we study “what we choose, all that we choose and nothing but what we choose”. The possibilities are endless and so does the ideas, collaborations and meaningful exchanges that follow. The idea of taking on the steering wheel in your education can seem daunting after a while, it becomes more of an adventure. These experiences of navigating through college, (along with occasional party time), have changed how I look at education and my college goals.

Naturally, not all moments are filled with happiness and excitement. Sleepless nights, grueling exams and countless emails to professors begging for deadline extensions are all part of the learning curve. After all, these moments are what I will look back upon and cherish once I move beyond the foot of the College Hill.

Monnawat (Book) Krasaesian who graduated from Shrewsbury in 2015 is a Sophomore at Brown University.