Vegas in DTWhen I entered college, I found myself in a sea of valedictorians, Olympians and the average genius. And I felt lost. Time and time again, I keep coming back to the social memories created and strengthened during my time at Shrewsbury. Be it the infectious sense of humour local to us or the tightness of our community, all the factors play an emphatic role in helping me define what I conceive of as my self and identity, then draws a line to what constitutes the other. But these aren’t dichotomous existences that force me to shy away from the other, instead, they help me negotiate through the differences and allow me to maintain my identity whilst keeping an open eye towards new experiences. For me, this is clearly illustrated in the school’s motto, ‘if the heart is right, all will be well’. Shrewsbury has gone beyond its ends of academic preparation because it has cultured a distinct interior equipped for the contemporary world, an end which only exceptional schools concern about.-Patsakorn Lertprasertkul