Following the trip to the UK in Feb, The Higher Education team consisting of Ms. Jo Fretwell and Ms. Terri Overton along with Principal Mr. Stephen Holroyd, travelled to the US to visit several universities. Last year there was a tour of the East Coast colleges, therefore this year’s tour was on the West Coast of the US plus a stop in Vancouver, Canada.

Tata USC

The first stop was in Los Angeles where campus visits were made to UCLA, USC, Pomona and also Claremont McKenna. Jazz (’15), Muka (’14) and Fair (’13) helped show everyone around the UCLA campus. Tata (’14), Nick (’12) and Mos(’15) gave campus tours of USC including persuading Mr. H to check out skateboards and a statue of iconic figure Bart Simpson. Next was a visit to Pomona College where a nice day was spent with Ploy (’15).


After LA was San Francisco and the Bay Area. There were visits to UC Berkeley to catch up with Proud and Ning, then on to USF to see Jern, Tyme & Win and a nice get together was held in the evening where Jessica joined those mentioned above. Ms. Overton and Ms. Fretwell also visited Stanford University whilst in California.

UC Bekeley 16c SF16b

After SF was Seattle where we have quite a number of Shrewsbury alumni currently studying at the University of Washington. Toy (’15) helped organize a tour of the campus as well as the get together where Toy along with Gun (’15), Sarit (’15) Pon (’14), Nan (’14), (Yong’12), (Mick’12), Pear(’13) and Ham (’12) joined Mr. Holroyd and the team for a nice relaxed evening together.


Seattle 2016Finally was a stopover at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada before flying back to Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you to all the Alumni who took the time to help show Mr. Holroyd, Ms. Overton and Ms. Fretwell around despite their busy schedules especially during the exam period. A good time was had by all!