Kare quote

I entered Shrewsbury International School as a shy, quiet ten-year-old who could hardly utter a word of English. Little did I know, I graduated Sixth Form with grades which I thought were impossible, priceless experiences, and friends who I know will still be there when I turn 80. In hindsight, I can confidently say that Shrewsbury’s tight and supportive community of students and staff were the ones who gently nudged me out of my comfort zone and into discovering my passion for theatre and the arts. They gave me safe space to explore whilst retaining that much-needed pressure to succeed. I didn’t realise how much Shrewsbury has shaped me, both in and out of classrooms until I left for university. My time there didn’t only aid my growth into finding my passion, it has also taught me to have a voice and not let anyone look down on because of my gender, race, age, or even my midget-height. Kare Khoo