Class 2004 ProfileSiripannee Supratya (Noina) “I feel proud and honoured to be the first class of students to have graduated from Shrewsbury in 2004, as all pioneers of gretness yet to come must have felt.” “The last year of high school was a pivoting point and I’m glad that I was nurtured in an environment where I along with my classmates were supported and encouraged to reach for the impossible.”

Pailin Aramthanapon (Phung) “My memory at Shrewsbury includes always thinking of our sixth form common room which before was on the 3rd floor and very spacious for 6 of us and with a view of the river.”

Onchira Maneethaweesin (Fluke) “As the school had just opened in that year, therefore most of the classes only had a few students. There was only me and Pailin in Business and IT class so it was like having private tutoring most of the time.”

Navachatr Sivayathorn (Hui) “Shrewsbury was a fantastic experience for me. It was a place where I can be myself, feel safe and supported in experimenting different things, and develop my interests. It has definitely shaped how I take the journey that was to come.”