The Higher Education Team from Shrewsbury International School Bangkok consisting of Ms. Jo Fretwell and Ms. Terri Overton met up with several of our Alumni on their tour around many UK universities during the month of February.

Sea and Bung NewcastleDurham dinner

The first stop was at Edinburgh University where a nice dinner was held with 6 of our Alumni who are currently studying there including Kwun and Tul (Class of 2015), Ice and Ink (Class of 2014), Ploy (Class of 2013) and Wit (Class of 2012). The next stop was at Newcastle University where Jo and Terri had coffee with Sea and Bung both (Class of 2013) followed by a visit to Durham University to see Rung (Class of 2013) who is also an Old Salopian along with Sun-Sun and Merck both (Class of 2013). Trips to Manchester and Sheffield occurred but unfortunately due to a hectic schedule they were unable to meet with our Alumni based there.

JF BirminghamYuki BathOxford Alumni

Further gatherings took place with Alumni at the University of Birmingham, Chert (Class of 2012), Snow (Class of 2013) and Orm (Class of 2014). Others included Yuki (Class of 2015) at the University of Bath and Oxford Alumni Cherry (Class of 2012), Ren (Class of 2012),Pond (Class of 2013), Orr (Class of 2013), Art (Class of 2014) and Mike (Class of 2015). There was a lot of catching up and reminiscing about Shrewsbury and life in Thailand.


A visit to the University of Bristol was a chance to see the most at one place with 11 of our Alumni showing up for dinner with Ms. Fretwell and Ms. Overton. It was great to see such a wonderful turnout. Those attended were Mickey, Boss, Ashley, Noey and Jamie all (Class of 2015), Kare, Lukso, Yumi and Mint (Class of 2014) and Chopper (Class of 2013).

Bristol Alumni

After the first ever London Alumni Event with an appearance of over 100 guests. Cameron (Class of 2014) kindly gave a tour of LSE. It was a successful month of February in terms of visiting Alumni and what a delight to get to see so many of them. A big thank you to all involved!