Ldn 33SISBAA hosted it’s first ever London Alumni Event at Madison’s Bar and Restaurant on the 6th floor of the One New Change building in St Pauls. The venue was at a nice picturesque location overlooking the city with a fantastic view of St Paul’s Cathedral. Despite the freezing UK winter conditions, over 100 people attended the event.

Ldn1A really encouraging sign was that alumni from all the last five graduating classes attended as several of them are studying in the UK with the majority at universities in London.

Ldn 18Despite the area designated for us being extremely crowded everybody seemed to really enjoy themselves and it was evident that people were happy to be able to catch up with familiar faces and missed their school friends and acquaintances.

Ldn 12The guests consisted of Shrewsbury Bangkok Alumni, gap students, staff, teachers, friends of the school, Principal Stephen Holroyd and also Khun Chali Sophonpanich and Khun Celia Sophonpanich attended the event.

We are hoping to turn this into a tradition in the future as it is both important and nice to keep up relations with our Alumni.

Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing our Alumni again at the annual Reunion Party in June!