Alumni from both Shrewsbury International School Bangkok and also a couple from Shrewsbury UK came into school to talk to the Year 12 students about their life at university and careers based on their experiences. They offered valuable advice to the sixth form students who are currently contemplating their futures. Therefore this event gave them a good opportunity to ask many questions about universities in the US, UK and also about work. Ms. Overton and Ms. Fretwell from the Higher Education team organised a very successful event and definitely had the students thinking seriously throughout the day.

 Pan Pan Narkprasert (Class of 2006) kicked off the day as the keynote guest speaker and gave a fantastic presentation stressing the importance of “You should do what you are passionate about and if you work hard you will be successful.” Following this were presentations from some working alumni. Old Salopians Gart and Jack talked about their industries covering Finance and Pharmaceuticals and Taa (Class of 2009) who graduated from Imperial College London talked about Chemical Engineering.

IMG_1713IMG_1695IMG_1707Next there was a UK panel featuring Direk Khanijou (Class of 2012) who just recently graduated from UCL, Jinji (Class of 2012) from University of Bristol and Mr. Boat, Musician in Residence,  who went to Leeds University. The all gave a brief introduction of themselves and their background before answering questions about life at their various universities both academically and just about life in the UK in general. The message conveyed was that “you should carefully consider  choices of where you apply to because you will be spend the next 3 or 4 years there!”


After this the students split into different groups and had the choice of 7 different categories to listen to where our alumni talked about their speciality. Por (Class of 2013) who is now a junior at RISD answered questions on Art, Design and Architecture. Ploy (Class of 2015) a freshman at Pomona, Cindy (Class of 2013) at Wesleyan and Pinn (Class of 2014) at Smith talked about Liberal Arts courses in the US.

Toong (Class of 2013), a junior at NYU along with Gart and Jack spoke about Business. Taa covered the topic of Engineering. Tenth (Class of 2009) talked to those interested in Science. Prissie (Class of 2015) and Nick (2012) both students at Chulalongkorn Universty held a session for people wanting to stay in Thailand for their tertiary education. Also Tom Knight and Joe Bell, current gap students offered advice for those who wish to have a gap year.


Finally the afternoon session consisted of a US panel featuring Mind (Class of 2015) a freshman at Cornell University, Book (Class of 2015) at Brown University, Mai (Class of 2012) a senior at Boston Conservatory of Music and Toong who answered a series of questions on life at a US college. He also also gave some sound advice by saying “Be fearless.” Mai said “Doing what makes you happy is extremely important.”

The day was a great success and left everybody with a lot to reflect on.