Pan Pan 1Pan Pan 2Shrewsbury International School alumnus Pan Pan Narkprasert (Class of 2006) was starring alongside Shrewsbury’s Head of Drama, Steven Fry, in “The Lisbon Traviata,” showing at Culture Collective Studio, Chatrium Riverside from October 8 until November 15 2015.

The Bangkok-adaptation of the play originally set in New York City in 1989 by Terrence McNally is a drama-comedy amalgamation with Thai references such as MBK and Silom Soi 2 woven throughout the two-act play. Pan Pan has gained fame as female imperator “Pangina Heals” after winning the T-Battle drag queen reality show in January. Meanwhile, Steven is known for his work with  Bangkok Community Theater.

The play, centered on the lives of ill-fated lovers, is dubbed as “homoromantic” yet its emotions and themes of triumphant love are certainly universal and appealing to all manner of audiences. The four-actor play has already garnered critical acclaim from District-W and the Bangkok Post, with reviewer Amitha Amranand calling the play “engaging” and “brave.” The play was nominated for awards within the Bangkok Theatre Festival and won!!! Also both Mr. Steven Fry and Pan were nominated for best actor with Mr. Fry claiming the prestigious accolade.

The Bangkok Post published this about “The Lisbon Traviata”

“American director Loni Berry delivered a fine production of Terrence McNally’s 1989 play, this time set in Bangkok with other slight tweaks in detail. Bangkok theatre audiences are rarely treated to plays with complex gay and transgender characters or normalised depictions of gay relationships. Not only was it an interesting choice for the city, Berry and the cast of four showed us how fulfilling a conventional stage play can be. The actors gave moving and committed performances. Steven Fry and Pan Narkprasert, especially, shone as opera obsessed friends Stephen and Mendy.”-Amitha Amranand.