Kwannpat Songvisit (Pop) has just recently graduated from the University of Cambridge and is now working for Boston Consulting Group. Pop kindly wrote this article describing her life after graduating from Shrewsbury International School Bangkok in 2012.

Pop3My topic is to write about “My Life after Shrewsbury”.  I struggled to think about when or where to begin. It is not a simple task to synthesise three years into a few paragraphs.  Of course, a clear-cut starting point would be what has happened after my graduation in July 2012 from Shrewsbury.  In reality though,  “Shrewsbury” has never really ended for me… and I’m not sure if it ever will.  Here’s why.

As I started my new chapter at Cambridge, I was both scared and excited at the three years ahead of me.  It was a brave new world out there and a completely different country (one that seemed to have a particular tendency to rain almost all the time) from Thailand.  So I must admit that I was happily comforted by the company of a few Salopians who joined in the same year.  We may have all been in different colleges and reading different courses but I could count on them to be my listening ears when work was overwhelming.   Coincidentally enough, while our academic pursuits may have diverged, our interests somehow did not.  We often found ourselves joining and pursuing similar interests without planning to do so.  For instance, in my last year at Cambridge, it was a pleasant surprise to find myself working alongside Joy and Wen Li, both former Deputy Heads of School, in organising TEDxCambridgeUniversity.


Pop2As I set out to start my new job, I again found myself in the company of a few Salopians who will be joining at the same time or in the same field.  It is not an overstatement when I say that I have been bumping into Salopians left and right. After 3 years of having graduated the school, I know one thing for sure: wherever I go next in my life, Salopians’ve got my back.  Hence, this is why I struggled to write about my life after Shrewsbury. How do I write about my life after Shrewsbury when Shrewsbury has continued to shape and define me.  It is still a part of my life.