Joyce 3On August 22nd 2015, Joyce Tseng, a former Shrewsbury International School gymnast of 11 years, competed at a national qualifying competition for springboard diving. Joyce outperformed all but one of her competitors, finishing second at the recent qualifier leading to the 2015 Asian Age Group Championships for girls 1-metre springboard.

This summer, Joyce has been training with a private coach everyday from 4pm to 9pm. The demanding practices have propelled her towards many victories. Following her recent qualifying meet, Joyce’s next major competition is the Age Group Championship, which will be hosted by Thammasat University this October. There, Joyce will compete the one-metre springboard, and for the first time in her career, the three-metre synchronised diving event.

Joyce 5Joyce 4Mr. Arm, the gymnastics coach at Shrewsbury International School, was a Thai national diver. While Joyce was at Shrewsbury, she worked closely with Mr. Arm and during her 11 years here, she was trained to skillfully maximize her physical strength while maintaining a keen sense of performance aesthetics.

Joyce transferred from Shrewsbury to Phillips Exeter Academy after finishing year 11 in July 2014. At both Shrewsbury and Exeter, Joyce has always excelled at balancing academics with athletics. Joyce was the top IGCSE performer in year 11, scoring the highest A* grade in every single one of her exams. At Exeter, she has a “highest honours” cumulative grade point average.

As soon as Joyce arrived at Exeter, she quickly applied and adapted her gymnastic skills towards the sport of springboard diving—something that was completely new to her upon arriving in New Hampshire. Joyce’s gymnastics experience from Shrewsbury allowed her to compete on Exeter’s Varsity Diving Team. Four months into her first season, Joyce ranked as the 13th best female diver at the Division 1 New England Swimming and Diving Championship held in March 2015. Joyce’s major athletic achievement prior to her impressive New England ranking was achieving first place on Shrewsbury’s Level Five Gymnastics Team at the BISAC 2011 Gymnastics Competition.

The distance between New Hampshire and Bangkok will pose an inconvenience for Joyce when she travels back to Bangkok in October. However, she always serves as an exemplary role model in her balancing of elite academics with national-level athletics. We shall all see Joyce in October and cheer her on zealously on the pool decks of Thammasat.

Article Cr: Robert Conner, Photography Cr Caroline Del Real

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