Patricia 1

Patricia (Pat) Good Class of 2015 was recently on the cover of Around magazine. Pat feels like she has been lucky to have been given a good career opportunity whilst young but knows that she must take advantage of this by working hard and developing personally. Her early role models helped her focus with ‘The heroines of Total Spies’ inspiring her to become an action actor.

Patricia 2

Right now Pat is currently studying at Chulalongkorn University. Pat also takes acting classes. Her career has given her many friendships and an opportunity to mature both as a person and also as a quality actor. Pat is still young and because of her work in the entertainment industry, feels like she has missed out on many aspects of having a normal teenage experience.

However Pat is grateful that her career has given her many opportunities and much enjoyment. It has taught her maturity and discipline. For Pat balancing work & study is important. She feels a responsibility to be a good role model for other young people and it is important for her to help others.

Patricia 4