Net & Cameron

‘Life in the UK, and particularly at the LSE, has been great so far.
In terms of my life as an undergraduate, I have involved myself into many clubs and societies-music society, women’s football team, women in business society, Thai society- as well as formed my own band; practicing every other week and has been playing at 3 major events so far. This resulted in my really busy, but fun life at LSE for the past two terms.
In terms of academics, I have managed to keep up with the pace of my course. I found it a little strange at first that I have learnt more from lectures than from classes, but I am now used to the idea. I must say that I genuinely love the LSE’s library because of the ‘Silent Zone’, so I often spent most of my times with a couple of friends there.

In general, I think I am lucky to get a place at the hall located just right by the Trafalgar Square and around 10-15 minutes walk from major tourists’ destination; the Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Oxford Street, so my life has been very hectic indeed.
Overall, I would say that apart from missing Thai food so badly (I am not particularly fond of the food here in the UK), everything has been going well and I am looking forward to having more great times here!’- Sahnfun Chittmittrapap (Net) Class of 2014

‘London is a diverse, fast-paced and vibrant city, and university life there is highly comparable. Term time flies by just as quickly as the multitudinous opportunities do. These opportunities can range from lectures delivered by prolific political, intellectual and celebrated figures at the various academic institutions in central London, to social events with friends and/or university societies. But these opportunities don’t knock on your door, and I’ve had to adapt to a highly independent lifestyle (funds permitting!). London is also a great platform for networking. This isn’t just in regards to career opportunities at the various organisations in London, but with friends and other students in the UK.

University life is very social, opportune and, at times, almost overwhelming, but above all it is highly highly enjoyable. I’ve found forums and people with similar interests to mine no matter how diverse it may be. Even though the onus is on each individual to find these opportunities, there are definitely events for everyone, regardless of how eccentric these interests may be.’-Cameron Storah Class of 2014