14th BANGKOK-HUA HIN 188 km Road Cycle Event 2015
in Honor of His Majesty the King
held by Suanthon Gold City Club

Hosted for the 14th consecutive year, this project was started from the intention of the cycling members of Suanthon Gold City in honor of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand with the aim to promote good health and interaction among cycling lovers.

Via word of mouth and websites’ announcement, the event officially started in 2007 with approximately 200 cyclists attending, and until 2015, this number has grown to 3,000 cyclists!   Yeepoon 11

The event welcomes cyclists of any age, gender and nationality and is held around the second Sunday of January of every year, when the weather is still nice and pleasant. Cyclists leave Bangkok around 7:45 am with three short breaks at every 50 km distance and is encouraged to bike at 30+ km/h to arrive at Hua Hin by 3:30 pm i.e. within 7h 30 mins including a 1 hour lunch break. Don’t worry! The event is very safe especially when you bike in such big groups and there are Marshals – the Safety and Good Will Ambassadors – who ride scooters along with bikers for their safety, traffic control, or even snap photos for you!


Personally, 188 km is quite a long distance! Driving from Bangkok to Hua Hin alone already takes 2 hours, but it really is manageable with some practice and having your mind ready. I prepared by biking once or twice a week at The Green Bike Lane at Suvarnabhumi Airport (23.5 km each lap) for a few months and practiced 1 hour daily for the 2 weeks before the BKK-Hua Hin event. Remember it’s not a race, but a team exercise, so you could really go at your comfortable speed.

Yeepoon 9Yeepoon 10 Last but not least, this non-profit event couldn’t come to success without the support from the cycling clubs, government, schools, private and public institutions who all share the same goal of promoting health benefits of cycling and exercise in Thailand. Interested in cycling? Simply get a bike or borrow one and feel free to join any bikers at Suvarnabhumi green bike lane!

For more information on Cycling in Bangkok, Please Click HERE to see a link to Bangkok Post Guru Magazine article ‘Easy rider.’


Paparwee Assavadakorn (Yeepoon) SHB’2009