Class of 2010 Graduate, Pudjeeb Buddhari, has recently been making headlines in the US for her role in  the development of Glow; a revolutionary interactive Yoga Mat designed by students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

On the surface, Glow looks like a regular home yoga mat, yet the embedded pressure sensors and LEDs allow the mat to provide both visual and audio feedback to the user, improving the effectiveness of the workout.  Glow also comes with its own software, allowing users to customize their workouts and to create a personalized yoga experience.

This project was for MIT’s senior capstone product design class in the Mechanical Engineering department (2.009: Product Engineering Processes). Students were divided into teams of about 18 people to brainstorm, design, and manufacture an alpha prototype product under this year’s overall theme of “Be Well.”



As Pudjeeb explains, “This was probably one of the best classes I’ve taken here at MIT. It gave me the opportunity to work with a team comprised of mostly mechanical engineers, one computer science and electrical engineer major, and me, an architecture major. I learned a great deal from my very intelligent teammates, and I felt like I can contribute a lot to the product from a different perspective.”
“There were team-building activities and challenges throughout the semester. The final product was presented to an audience of over 1,000 guests including sponsors, MIT faculty, and guests from product development firms.”
“In addition to the brainstorming and manufacturing stages, I was heavily involved in designing the graphical user interface, presentation materials, and overall branding for Glow. Yellow was heavily featured in our branding design because it was our team’s color designation. The software communicates with the mat, allowing users to learn yoga through instructional videos, select various modes (single pose vs. a sequence), and track their yoga progress with instant feedback.”



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