A Legend At Home, A Legend Thousands of Miles Abroad: The Story of the emotional rollercoaster journey of UCL to being the champions of the 2014 Samaggi Games Football Tournament

22nd February 2014 – Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Newport Telford and Wrekin,UK


Jinji (Class of 2012) would like to share this report with you as it is one of the best football stories one could possibly experience away from home. This report is a full story of how UCL completed their journey from the group stage to the final which they eventually won thanks to Pipe’s last second goal in extra time. The players were grateful for Jinji’s report and helped provide as much details for every match. Such an epic journey could not have been summarised in less than the word count indicated!

Alumni in the team: Pipe (Class of 2012), Ball (Class of 2012), Direk (Class of 2012), Chai (Class of 2014)

Results Summary for UCL in the tournament

  • UCL 2-2 Warwick (Pipe, Pap)
  • UCL 2-1 Leeds (Pipe, Pap)
  • UCL 5-0 Kings (Pap, Ball, Earth2, Karan)
  • UCL 3-0 Coventry (Ball, Earth, Karan)
  • UCL 2-1 Queens Mary (Chai)
  • UCL 2-0 Portsmouth (Pipe)
  • UCL 1-1 Southampton (Pipe) (Pipe, Earth, Direk scored penalties)
  • UCL 1-0 Imperial (Pipe, last second of extra time)


Read Jinji’s full report HERE